International Conference Water in the Americas

The International Conference Water in the
Americas is organized by the CREDA (CNRS).
It will take place at the Institut des hautes
études de l’Amérique latine, on January 9th –
11th, 2019.

The objectives of this International Conference
are to identify, within a comparative perspective, the recent evolution of social science research on the water sector in the Americas. Goals are to emphasize theoretical and methodological developments in the analysis of the sector and to gain understanding on how social sciences have contributed to current debates.

The Americas have been a notable site of struggle over water, since the onset of privatization of water services in the early 1990’s or in the drought stricken river systems of the American West. These areas continue to provide useful fields of study and allow for developments in theory and methodology.

Thus, the conference program is twofold. First, to explore the evolution of approaches
on water, considered as a resource, a service, a legacy, a common good, an economic good, an environmental factor, a policy network. Second, an analysis will be made on the recent fields of scientific research that have emerged. Innovative analytical tools and methodologies will be presented, and, similarities between the cases studied will be identified with a view to isolating characteristics specific to the Americas and the elements of reflection they offer to international research.

Papers will be pre-circulated to be read by participants before the conference. Authors will not read papers : moderators will comment on papers and authors will make a short oral presentation followed by discussion in the floor.

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